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ECIR 2015 Vienna Map

Arriving in Vienna

Arriving by Plane…by Plane

Vienna International Airport / Schwechat

On the airport’s web site you find flight information, an airport map, and transport information.

You have the following options:

  • City Airport Train (CAT): The fastest connection between the airport and Wien Mitte in 16 minutes is by City Airport Train (CAT). Single/return ticket: 12/19 EUR (11/17 EUR when bought online). Daily service (Mo-So) is provided from 06:06 to 23:36 (every 30 minutes). Find a detailed train schedule here. CAT extra service: For your return flight, you can check your luggage in at the Wien Mitte terminal the day before you leave. Conditions and a list of cooperating airlines are available here.
  • S-Bahn S7: This regional train follows the same route with a similar frequency (every ~30 minutes) between 4:56 am – 00:17 am (Airport to Wien Mitte) and 4:30 am – 23:45 pm (Wien Mitte to Airport). The trip takes about 25 minutes and costs EUR 4,40 (download timetable).
  • Since 14th December 2014 ICE trains travel directly from and to Vienna Airport and stop off at Wien Hauptbahnhof along the way to St. Pölten, Linz and Wels. More information at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).
  • Vienna Airport Lines: This bus service goes from the airport (outside the arrival hall) to Wien Schwedenplatz (service at 1:20am, 2:50am, 4:50am and from 4:50 am until 0:20 am every 30 minutes (always at minute 20 and 50)) and takes 22 minutes. It also has lines that go to Westbahnhof and to Kagran. Cost: EUR 8/13 (single/return). Download their timetable here.
  • Taxis are available leaving the arrival hall, but will cost you ~EUR 34-50.

Connections: From Schwedenplatz, take the subway line U1 to Karlsplatz or Taubstummengasse. From Wien Mitte take the subway line U4 to Karlsplatz (where you may take the subway line U1 to Taubstummengasse). Find a map of the subway/metro/railway system of Vienna here.

Airport Graz or Airport Linz

Arriving in Graz or Linz, you will have to take the train to travel to Vienna. For further information see Arrival by train. Passengers will arrive at Wien Meidling (Hauptbahnhof). Travel time from Graz is about 2:30 h, from Linz about 1:30 h.

Airport Bratislava (Slovakia)

The airport of Bratislava in Slovakia is within 1-2 hour’s distance to Vienna and might thus be an alternative for arrival (both for Ryanair and private jet ;)). Both busses and trains connect Bratislava and Vienna.

…by Train

If you choose the train, you find travel information at the web site of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

Since 14th December 2014 ICE trains travel directly to Vienna Airport and stop off at Wels, Linz, St. Pölten and Wien Hauptbahnhof along the way. Passengers from Linz, for example, are able to reach Vienna Airport in just 1 hour and 47 minutes, with no need to change. The trains depart seven times a day, every two hours. If you have completed your journey and are travelling in the opposite direction, ICE trains now take you directly from Vienna Airport back to Linz and Wels, with stops at Wien Hauptbahnhof and St. Pölten. It is also possible to book the Linz-Vienna route in conjunction with an Austrian Airlines flight by using AIRail. Passengers from Salzburg and Graz now also have a state-of-the-art connection to Vienna Airport every two hours courtesy of another new ICE service. Anyone travelling from Salzburg by Intercity is able to change at St. Pölten onto the ICE for Vienna Airport. And railjet passengers from Graz are able to use a comfortable ICE connection from Wien Hauptbahnhof. More information Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

  • Travellers arriving at Hauptbahnhof, take the subway line U1 to Karlsplatz or take the S-Bahn (S1 S2, S3, S7 or S15) to Wien Mitte (Landstrasse) and from there subway line U4 to Karlsplatz.
  • Travellers arriving at Westbahnhof, take the subway line U3 to Stephansplatz and from there subway line U1 to Karlsplatz or to Taubstummengasse.

You will find a map of the subway/metro/railway system of Vienna here.

…by Bus

There are several bus companies providing connection between Bratislava and Vienna with another stop at the Vienna Airport Schwechat. The bus company Slovakia Lines operates 21 buses daily leaving from Vienna to Bratislava and vice versa and it takes approx. 45 minutes for 7.7€ one way ticket and return ticket for 14.30€. There are two main operators on this route – Slovak Lines and Blaguss. More information at Also, check out Eurolines

Try not to drive to Vienna ;)…by Car

Vienna public transport is very comfortable and the easiest way to get around, parking facilities within Vienna city center are limited and expensive, so we do not recommend arriving by car. However, if you do, please remember to purchase and install the highway toll label for Austrian motorways (the vignette). Information is available here. A 10 day car vignette is currently EUR 8,70. If you come by car, the easiest and cheapest way is to park your car somewhere near one of the underground or railway stations at the periphery, and use public transport further on. Please note that parking in the streets in central Vienna during daytime is restricted to residents with a special permit or short periods (you will need a ticket called a “Kurzparkschein” for this). The Freihaus building provides an underground parking garage. Entrance is in Operngasse 13, at the backside of the Freihaus building.

Prices are:

  • EUR 3,70 per hour
  • EUR 37,00 per day
  • EUR 148,00 per week

See details at WIPARK.

Staying in Vienna

There is no official conference hotel but they are many hotels nearby in short walking distance. The following list offers some good choices for all price and quality ranges and is sorted by distance to the conference venue.

Quality Name and Info Distance
4 star hotel Hotel Johann Strauss 3 min walk
4 star hotel Hotel Erzherzog Rainer 4 min walk
Hotel Das Triest 5 min walk
3 star hotel AllYouNeed Hotel Vienna4 6 min walk
3 star hotel Hotel Carlton Opera 6 min walk
3 star hotel Hotel Drei Kronen Wien City 7 min walk
5 star hotel Hotel Bristol 11 min walk
3 star hotel Austria Trend Hotel beim Theresianum 12 min walk
3 star hotel Austria Trend HotelAnanas 20 min walk
Youth Hostel A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof 15 min by the underground
3 star hotel Hotel Meininger 15 min by the underground

Direct booking often saves a hotel ~18-25% of commission charges compared to an online booking agent! :) All hotels are part of the ECIR Map above.