Reproducible IR

We are happy to announce a Reproducible IR Research Track for ECIR 2015. Reproducibility is key for establishing research to be reliable, referenceable and extensible for the future. Experimental papers are therefore most useful when their results can be tested and generalized by peers. This track specifically invites submission of papers reproducing a single or a group of papers, from a third-party where you have *not* been directly involved (e.g. *not* been an author or a collaborator). Emphasize your motivation for selecting the paper/papers, the process of how results have been attempted to be reproduced (successful or not), the communication that was necessary to gather all information, the potential difficulties encountered and the result of the process. A successful reproduction of the work is not a requirement, but it is important to provide a clear and rigid evaluation of the process to allow lessons to be learned for the future. The submission must not exceed 13 pages.